About Us

Build Beacon is a centralised source of information about proposed, upcoming, live and completed construction projects. Whether you’re a community member, stakeholder, or simply interested in a particular project Build Beacon is here to quench your project related curiosity.

If the project that you’re interested in is using Build Beacon you can register for e-mail notifications to to stay informed about project alerts and updates, without having to regularly check the project page. See our E-mail Alerts section for more information.


Our Values

At Build Beacon we believe that effective communication with communities at the pre-planning, planning and construction stages of project development is essential to harmonious project delivery. With this in mind we’ve created a platform from which constructors can broadcast project information effectively, and interested parties can find and access that information with ease.

Time is important to everyone associated with construction projects. At Build Beacon we’re constantly seeking more effective ways to conserve the time of everyone involved in or affected by projects. This includes constructors, stakeholders and community members.

At Build Beacon we’re constantly striving to harness new ways to improve how the construction industry communicates with people interested in and affected by projects. Build Beacon puts projects under one roof, making it simple for constructors to communicate important messages, and easy for interested parties to find the information they’re looking for.

At Build Beacon we believe that there’s a unique relationshp between construction and communities. Construction creates communities and communities accomodate construction projects. Construction-community engagement is at the heart of what we do.